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Canterbury: Best Tourist Spot in England

Posted May 16, 2015 by admin


The United Kingdom is a glamorous and historic country comprising of many states like Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Netherland. Canterbury is one of the beautiful states in the England. This state has a rich historical background and it has been declared as the UNESCO world heritage site and this site is located in the centre of the Canterbury city. The city is being resided since the Pre-historic times. The city has been mainly inhabited by the Celtric tribe and this tribe is a major inhabitant of the current day in Kent.  The city is located on the bank of the river Stour that flow alongside the city. This city still has the ruins of the city wall which has been constructed by the Roman Empire which was later rebuilt in 14th century. The city is culturally, educationally and recreationally rich city. The district has a population of 135,278.

This city has been a center for educational and academic excellence for thousands of years. The city of Canterbury is host city to many of the well renowned educational institutes. Some of the educational institutes that it contains are the King’s School, Canterbury Christ Church University, University of the Kent, the American University, University College for creative Arts. There are a significant proportion of the students that have resided in this state because of the existence of the world class educational institutes. A multi cultural society can be observed here and the colors of various traditions can be seen while roaming the city.

The Canterbury is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. It is regarded as one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom according the recent surveys. The economy of this city heavily relies on the income that is being generated from the tourist activities. The city is mainly known for its historic existence and for that reason has been declared as the UNESCO world heritage site because of its many ancient civilization ruins and structures. The castles of Norman Canterbury and Augustine’s Abbey are open to the general public. The Dane John Gardens that were built in the eighteenth century are also one of the attractions for the tourists. The Westgate museum is also a great place to visit while being ion Canterbury in order to get yourself acquainted with historical developments within this part of the world.

The city has a wide network of Railways and Road for the connectivity within different parts of the city and also for its connectivity to the outer world. The Euro lines connect the city to London and Paris. The national coach service also serves the purpose of connectivity of this city to the other parts of the world. The Godalming Taxis are also serving the purpose of providing this connectivity which is an effective means of travelling through private means to different places.

The city is also central to many theaters. The historic theaters of the Marlowe Theatre named after Christopher Marlowe still exists for providing the entertainment to its inhabitants. So, it can be truly said that if someone is looking for a best tourist spot, Canterbury is the best option in the United Kingdom that gives you a fabulous historic, cultural and recreational opportunities for you and your family.

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